“My daughter, Vanessa, attended the 2007 Empowerment through Performance Workshop and I had no idea the depth of the experience. She learned self-confidence and how to be a generous, kind young woman and for that I thank you. It changed her life. Vanessa cites the experience of the camp as the turning point in her life with regard to self-confidence and the ability to make and keep friends.”

— Susan Naïve, parent

“I loved it!! It was so fun and I had the best time. I definitely want to come back!”

— Katie, 15, participant

“Now that was magic. Just an unbelievable couple of days. What a great thing you do, count me in anytime. Wow…those kids were unbelievable.”

–Mike Eldred, Guest Educator

“Keep up the great work!”

— Joe Unterreiner, President, Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you, Jennifer and Karen, for offering us this extraordinary opportunity. It was an extremely gratifying as well as humbling experience. You have offered the precious gift of change to every one of these kids, those who come from so-called “disadvantaged” backgrounds as well as those who are the lucky children of supportive and loving families. Today I feel even more proud than I did 24 hours ago to be part of a profession that brings to peoples’ lives that which is not rooted in financial or material self-interest, but seeks to nurture all that is best in the human spirit. “

— David Ackroyd, Artistic Development Director/Alpine Theatre Project, Guest Educator

“Thank you so-o-o much for doing this whole program for us. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun doing it. You guys really made me feel comfortable and confident to act and sing on the stage. Before I came to the program, I have to say, I definitely would never of sang in front of people. Thank you so much for your help.”

— Tracie, 16, participant

“Thank you so much for letting me participate! It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait ’til next year!”

— Tori, 13, participant

share your voice foundation

 “All five of our youth who participated in the workshop benefited tremendously. Their self-esteem, knowledge of self, and confidence made noticeable improvements and their families were able to see their children in a new light. Youth at FAH could not have afforded to participate unless there was a scholarship. We appreciate your professional conduct in working with these at-risk youth.”

— Lance Isaak, Program Director, Flathead Attention Youth Home

 “JJ & Karen gave Kaysee (participant) training, support and experience that she would not have dreamed of receiving…I hope this organization will be around for many years to come to share their experience and expertise, that, otherwise, would be lacking for the children in our community.”

— Diane Clark, Gemini Mentor Program Coordinator, The Nurturing Center

 “Our daughter’s participation in the workshop allowed her to experience different perspectives. She came home every day utterly exhausted, but absolutely fulfilled”.

— Tim and Glenda McGunagle, parents

share your voice foundation


“As hosts of this workshop and members of the audience, we were privy to the most extraordinary transformation as we watched these young people learn to ‘share their voice’ and collectively blossom through the art of performance. In this age of fear and weekly news stories of dis-empowered young people resorting to violence because they cannot find a voice in our society, this program offers an island of hope and positive change in a sea of unrest. The outcome of this workshop and performance night exceeded our wildest expectations; and we whole-heartedly lend our continued support to this innovative, extraordinary workshop and to its founders, Jennifer Julian and Karen Borger.”

— Rob and Bonni Quist, Sponsors/Proprietors, Sweetwater Ranch


“Thank you JJ & Karen, for helping me perform. I had fun and hope I come again next year!”

— Tyler, 14, participant

 “[This] has got to be one of the greatest things ATP has ever been involved in. What we realized was that sometimes performance isn’t just the end product, but the means to accomplish something larger. Performance can be a tool to touch lives and expand horizons. We witnessed the power of that first-hand thanks to the efforts of Jennifer and Karen. We have not felt this proud in a long, long time.”

— Luke Walrath & Betsi Morrison, Exec. Director & Artistic Director, Alpine Theatre Project, ETP Guest Educators