The Share Your Voice Foundation (SYVF) is a US-based, IRS qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organization, established in 2008 whose mission is to provide empowering opportunities for people to find, believe in and share their own voice through the transformative creative process and power of the arts.

SYVF’s summer outreach performance and facilitator training programs are dedicated to developing extraordinary people through powerful collaborative and creative experiences.  SYVF strongly believes in the transformative power of creativity and arts-based education to change lives. Through interactive exploration of culture and the production of performance in all its manifest delights, the organization’s charter is to encourage participants to unleash their creativity and collaboration in a safe environment while improving self-esteem and developing strong communication skills. Participants are encouraged and guided to discover their own innate talents, cultivate a sense of pride and appreciate the importance of working with others.

The organization is run entirely by volunteers and funded solely by monetary or in-kind donations and sponsorships, so we have a regular fundraising program that we encourage you to support.