• Jennifer Julian – Co-Founder, Program Director/Facilitator Trainer

    Jennifer co-founded the Share Your Voice Foundation in 2008. She is the creator of the Facilitator-in-Residence (FIR) program for SYVF and currently trains educators and artists to facilitate SYVF’s outreach programs. A Montana native sharing time with Los Angeles, Jennifer has crafted a flourishing career in performance, working professionally in the fields of theatre, film, […]

  • Halladay Quist – Music Facilitator

    The daughter of a bluegrass rockstar, music is the constant in Halladay’s life.  It has taken her to Europe, bringing classical music to Hungary, Poland, and Austria, to UM, to sing with the Jazz Chorale, the Jubileers, to Rockin’ the Rivers, to open for the Doobie Brothers, to the schools of Montana to teach the […]

  • Alice Bennetts – Organizational Director

    Born and raised in California, Alice met her future husband in high school and they are still happily married today. They moved back to her husband’s Montana roots over 20 years ago, where she was dedicated to the raising of four wonderful children. Returning to academics, she became a graduate of the Midwives College of […]

  • Noah Crowe – Facilitator-In-Residence

    Born in Los Angeles, Noah has been acting since he was 5 years old. He grew up in Ojai working in Local theater before moving to New York to act after studying at the Claremont Colleges. He has worked with young actors from 5 to adulthood, from Nicaraguan communities to Juvenile Detention Centers, small town […]

  • Rebecca Schaffer – Creative Consultant/Facilitator

    Rebecca is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist who works across the state of Montana and in Philadelphia, PA.  She is the co-founder of Montana based Viscosity Theatre, where she collaborates with groups of artists to create original productions, such as Ringing Out and Salep & Silk (written by co-founder Josh Wagner), Thisillusionment, Fish & Beauregard, and the popular […]

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